Friday, 23 January 2009

Dark Angels Painting Update

Good lord, its not a battle report! 

After a spate of actually playing the game I've finally got back to painting. 

First up, slow progress continues on the Deathwing (I think slow progress is the only thing possible with these guys). Below is a picture of my newly applied Deathwing Transfers. I had to make these myself on photoshop so I'm quite proud at how they turned out!

I've also applied some transfers to my Tactical Marines, but I  have no photos for you. 

Next up, new additions to the Deathwing family!

The Sergeant for Belial's Squad - quite pleased at how the huge power sword turned out. The top DA logo looks better in the flesh as well.

The beginnings of my Terminator Apothecary: 

I'm chuffed at how the white helmet has turned out, the limited layering seems to work well.  

However, it's not all good. When I got round to trying to paint the converted Narthecium/Reductor it all seemed to go wrong. I was trying to layer up the white from Space Wolves Grey and the coverage was just not going right. It's ended up being a bit too thick and I'm not sure if I can salvage it. 

This is an issue as I don't have another spare Narthecium/Reductor, and I REALLY REALLY don't want to buy a Command Squad for one part. Any advice on how to  strip this (on the cheap) would be great. 

After I've sorted this out I am finally going to get round to mixing some Bleached Bone & Skull White & then highlight the D'wing!  

Anywho - on to the main star of the post, my newly completed Rhino!

Contrary to the Apothecary, this went really well. I tried out a few new things (like the rust/painting chipping & drybrushing the tracks) and relied on the techniques learned on the Marines and Ravenwing to get the rest done. 

To be honest, these pictures don't quite do it justice - the stone icons seem a little better in real life, as do the lenses. I might do a few details shots at a later date! Either way I'm chuffed, and I'm now really keen to start work on one of my Two Land Raiders. I have however promised myself that I would get some more troops out of the way first, and that means more Bikes and Terminators. Oh, and Belial - look out for some work on that within the month!

Thanks for reading! 


Matt said...

WoW! that rhino looks awesome. So do the terms. Try the dawn power dissolver on the reductor. It's safe and works pretty well. If not there was a post done by a nids player I cant think of who at the moment, about stuff castrol makes that removes everything from plastic with just a toothbrush. If all else fail give me a hollar, I'll check the bits box. Again wow on that rhino it looks AWESOME!

eriochrome said...

Do you really want the apothecary with close combat upgrades since his ability does not function when he is locked?

I am working on a homebrew apothecary right now based on a chainfist that you could try. I will post the work in progress today I think.

natsirtm said...

Rhino looks great man, you can try simple green to strip it, should be able to find in car or hardware shop.

jabberjabber said...

The fluttering banners and oath papers on the rhino give the illusion of speed - very nice touch!

Admiral Drax said...

I always go for surgical spirit (US: rubbing alcohol) - it's gentle, but works pretty well. A wire brush in concert with it can help, and it doesn't score the plastic either.

Nice work!

73rd said...

The rhino is so cool! Seriously nice work there! And those DW transfers look amazing, great job there mate!

Wolf Lord Bill said...

I really appreciate being able to see your work. Very good stuff.

Peter said...

Even though it porberly means more work (converting the thing again) you could just buy a new bit:
I actually just came across this site looking for it for you and it has metal bitz which a lot of other places lack

sovietspace said...

Cheers guys, I have some Simple Green on the way - I went with that because I can also use it (watered down) to clean my FW Dread before assembly.

eriochrome - Although your right that the Apoc. ability doesn't work in combat he unfortunately has to go in the same unit as the standard bearer. On balance I'd rather have the whole squad geared to combat, because of the delicious +1 attack the banner gives. Plus, he helps he to survive long enough to get to combat!

Post your WIP, I'm keen to see how you did it!

Anonymous said...

Try leaving it soak in undiluted Dettol for a couple of hours then scrub it with a toothbrush under some warm running water. It works quite well. Although you do end up smelling like a public toilet :)

The active ingredient is the pine oil so anything with that in it should work as well.

oni said...

Nice job. That Rhino is especially awesome.

Charon said...

Nice work! I think i will use a few of your ideas for my own tanks.

One question though: where did you get those nice scrolls and seals?

sovietspace said...

Thanks Charon, glad you liked my stuff :)

The scrolls etc are from the Ravenwing Battleforce, its a really good set for all that sort of stuff!

Charon said...

Thanks for the info man!

Too bad one can't get this accessory sprue on its own. I already have enough bikes. (and its way too expansive on ebay) :-(


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