Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Return! Plus Epic Tale of Painters Entry (Month 4)

Well, its been a while hasn't it! No, I'm not dead, but I have had an enforced break from blogging over the last few months. Real life has been somewhat chaotic and rubbish of late, which has drained time and energy I would normally put into these here posts. Its also meant I've not been reading and commenting on all the other fine blogs out there, and for that I apologise. Let the great game of catch-up begin!

Anyway, on the meat of today's post. In spite of all that's happening in real life, I have been able to keep my painting schedule mostly up to date. We are on month 4 of the Librarium Online Tale of Painters, so both my Epic and 40k Guard are starting to look like armies in their own right. Today I'll post up my Epic work to date, and then I'll get up some photos of the Praetorians in the next few days!

Epic IG

This Months Entry

4 Leman Russ (including Vanquisher) & 1 Superheavy Tank Platoon @ 400pts

Army To Date

3 Formations @ 1350pts

So, given that I'm aiming for 400pts of epic in a month, I'm a little bit behind on where I should be overall. This was due to a joker that I had to play last month. This said, the epic stuff is so quick and fun to paint, I'm sure I can pull those points back later!

I've got to say, I absolutely loved painting the Baneblade. Its not very often you can claim to painting a baneblade in a single day, and the forgeworld model is really well detailed considering the scale. I was also glad that I took the decision to break up the grey space with the company marking (the red stripe on bone). I think it makes the model stand out much more, and appeals to the organiser in me.

Is it sad that all my guard models are correctly organised in companies and platoons, with the markings to boot? Probably, but I don't care!

Well, thats all your getting for today's post, I'd love to hear what you think. I'll leave you with a picture of where my Praetorians are to date, hopefully to wet you appetite for more photos to come!

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CJ said...

Hey soviet,

nice to see you are still chipping away at the armies. great stuff as always, you should be proud of your achievements!

Cheers CJ


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