Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Fortress of Redemption WiP (and some light comedy)

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I been working on a house for my Dark Angels, namely the new Fortress of Redemption kit. Allow me to show you the progress I have made...

First off, the all important scale shot, with a crazy priest for flavour.

So as you can see, I have been working on the central walkway and the tower. The walkway is pretty much done:

Just some simple dry-brushing and washes for the green steel on the walkway, and same again for the grey walls and bone panels. It's not going to win any prizes, but at least its getting done!

On to the central tower, and after several hours work I have all four of the angels base-coated, washed and dry-brushed as well as the grey of the tower done. I have also got the skull pile on one done and the halo on another finished.

Well, that my progress so far, and I think it's shaping up nicely. Please let me know what you all think.

Before I leave you, I want to point out the sheer amount of skulls on this thing. I know the Imperium rather likes the liberal application of skulls to everything, but this building must have been designed by some Gothic master on overdrive. Indeed, the appearance of skulls all over the Imperial Guard and Astartes always makes me think of the sketch below. Enjoy...

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Of scenery, tournaments and fortresses...

So then, time to prove I've not been idle while I've been quiet.

One of the things I did last month was have a 'scenery day'. I've been meaning to do this for a very long time because, although I have a lot of the stuff, its not all in a good state and I knew it deserved better.

For me scenery is the forgotten 'third player' of any game. Its a vitally important part of the experience. Not only does it effect how you play the game and the obstacles you have to overcome, it also greatly enhances the look of the whole thing. And lets be honest, the only reason we are gaming and not playing computer games or reading sci-fi is that this looks cooler.

So, the first thing I set about doing was painting up most of the forge world terrain I had. I had picked up these bits from a verity of sources (I'm sure some of them are on 'long term' loan), but they were all unpainted. Given how awesome they are, that simply didn't seem right...

Troopers Williams and Jones patrol through the ruins

For painting I chose the simplest and most effective route I could. Sprayed grey base-coat, followed by two levels of dry-brush. Job Done. I think thats the key to getting terrain done whilst still having time to paint your armies. Don't get bogged down in the details, unless its a special piece. You can always go back to it later.

These ruins are a prime example, there are a load of ammo crates and foliage that aren't detailed, but at arms length that doesn't detract from the scenery.

Next I set to making some of my own scenery, mainly for the Dark Heresy campaign I am running (hoping to write up a blog post on that soon). Taking some wire mesh and sprue bits I was able to cobble together some effective fencing and, using toothpicks and the GW razor wire kit, I produced some barbed wire fencing.

Simple and effective! Although the barbed wire still needs painting...

The picture below shows the fencing before painting. The two main struts are supported by pieces of spare sprue - that stuff is so very useful when it comes to making terrain.

So, we are nearing the end of my terrain post, and I'm still yet to mention either tournaments or fortresses. Well, allow me to change all that!

On the 7th of April I am attending a small tournament at Warhammer World, and I'll be taking the Dark Angels off the shelf and bringing them along. This is mainly because there will be a planetstrike game, and I love deepstriking and assaulting Deathwing!

However, the coolest thing is that each competitor needs a terrain piece. Now, I could have dipped into my terrain collection, but then I recalled that GW had recently released a Dark Angels specific terrain piece. Well, I simply couldn't resist...

I'm hoping to be able to put aside a whole day or two, and try and get this done before April. Wish me luck and look out for some pictures!

Thanks for reading...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

For Sale: The Astromonican's Saim Hann Eldar!

Yes, its true, I want to sell my Eldar. Why? Well there are two reasons, first I barely play them any more and secondly there is another army that I am really keen to buy. Which army is that, I hear you cry! Well, I'm not telling you, but I can promise its dramatically different to my current collection...

On offer to you, dear blog reader, is my entire Eldar collection. I'm posting it here first; if there is no interest then it will reach eBay, but if I can avoid sellers fees, I will!

So then, what is there? Firstly there are all the models I have painted:

In summary:
9 Jetbikes (3 with Shuriken Cannons)
Converted Jetbike Warlock
2 Vypers
10 Dire Avengers
1 Wave Serpent (Magnetised)
1 Falcon (Magnetised)

WiP stuff:
Converted Jetbike Farseer
6 Fire Dragons (1 Painted)

At the bottom of the post you can find some more pictures of this stuff (and there are more in this post here)

However, that is not all I have. Unpainted or assembled I also have:
1 Jetbike Autarch (Unassembled)
Warlock on foot
12 Guardians (with Support Platform)
6 Howling Banshees (Unassembled)
5 Shinning Spears (Unassembled)
1 Grav Tank (with parts to make it either a Falcon or Wave Serpent)
My Eldar bits box.

Finally, included with that is a Sabol Motor Pool Carry case, already worked to fit the majority of the army.

So thats 16 Jetbikers, 35+ Infantry, 2 Vypers, 3 Tanks, some unique conversions and a carry case.

All this, brand new comes to £321, not including the carry case.

I'm only asking for £200 posted for the lot! That saves you £121 pounds at least, and you get a bonus carry case! Not bad eh? So if you are looking to start an Eldar Army or know a friend who is, this is for you!

I'll will happily post photos of the un-pictured models & case if there is any serious interest. I'm not really looking to spilt the army up, but if you do want a large chunk of the stuff, make me an offer. I'll see what I can do!

Please comment on the thread or contact me via my profile page.

Thanks for reading guys, heres hoping someone can help me get a new army!

Jetbikes and converted Warlock


Dire Avengers

WiP Converted Farseer

First Painted Fire Dragon

Magnetised Grav Tanks

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tale of Painters Entry 7

Well, once again I have let the blog fall silent for far too long. Never fear however, in this last month I have not been idle, in fact I think I may have bitten off rather more than I can chew in hobby terms, but more on that in future posts!

For today, regular as clockwork, is my monthly tale of painters entry.

Epic IG

Well, I went back on my promise to get the warhounds done. I tired to get the epic done but once again they fell by the way-side. Failure to produce any models next month will see them out of the competition, so I'm determined to get at least something produced for April.

40k IG

The Praetorians however are a different story. I am attending a tournament at the end of this month with the Bristol Vanguard, and I am hoping to bring the little Pith-helmeted fellows along. I've realised they wont be quite finished, I'm going to settle for having an old stand-in Chimera, but I want everything else completed. This means getting a Russ, a Medusa, the Command Squad and Sly Marbo finished before April.

Well, I can proudly report that the Russ is 75% done and the Command Squad is finished. Indeed, there were my March entry to ToP:

Similarly to my Veterans I'm using Vostroyan models to represent 'Spireborn' Praetorians. I do love these models, they are really in-line with the Praetorians, and they provide a nice change of pace and upping of detail. First off, here is the captain (with a chip on his nose I have just noticed...)

Next, the most striking model in the squad (and already the most chipped...)

I'm pleased with how the banner came out, its not fantastic, but I think above normal table-top quality.

Finally, one of my favourite models, the medic with the
huge syringe.

And finally, an army shot, showing where the Praetorian 5th are to date.

Sorry for the rushed post, I'm already going to be for work! Still, this is more interesting...

Any comments greatly appreciated!


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