Sunday, 26 April 2009

Deathwing Banner: Complete!

Hey again people, I have an update I've been waiting to do for quite a long time! I can now present my completed Deathwing Standard Bearer:  

The banner itself is simply a home-made transfer. However, once I applied it, some of the damned ink began to seep (especially all that red). So, in order to save it I had to go over the green parts with paint. I also had to repaint all the white as it looked pink! That involved doing the fiddly wings and white border and I was very impressed that I managed to stay in the lines, they are bloody thin.  

I've also tried to take down some of the shine with a coat of purity seal - its improved but still not as matt as I'd like. Honestly the banner is not quite as good as I'd hoped it might be, but I'm still very pleased with it. Although its a bit of a cheat, its far better than I could of done freehand! And I'm almost glad the ink ran - the fact that I had to touch up areas means at least I've painted some it :P  

So I'm now happy to give you all a complete, up to date shot of everything I have completed: Thats 1750pts of DA. It's taken me about 9 months to do this lot! Theres only 1250pts left to do, almost there...  

I'll leave you with a better photo of my Interrogator Chaplain (as I really wasn't happy with the previous pics) & the first completed D'Wing of my 3rd Squad. 

Thanks for reading!

(Larger pics can be found here)

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Deathwing objectives for the lazy...

Rightio, heres a small update for you all, hot on the heels of the last. 
I've just sent off my entry fee to go to a small local 1750 tourni called the Pompey Pillage. Part of the requirements are to bring your own objective counters, so I've rustled up these nice and quick: 

The three identical ones are the teleport homers you get in Terminator boxes, that I would never otherwise use. 

The downed Ravenwing marine is clutching a scroll from the Terminator Chaplain blister, and involved a simple leg and arm twist. The scroll ties in with the final objective, the book. 

Hopefully it portrays that the Ravenwing were scouring the battlefield for signs of the Fallen, in the shape of the book and scroll, before they were engaged by an enemy force.

I deliberately used a beaky helmet for the book base, because it can pass off as a RT/pre-heresy marine. I'm thinking I might paint it up Green (or possibly the pre-heresy black scheme) and try to free hand some sort of Chaos symbol on it. Or get a hold of a choas transfer. It would be a further sign of the presence of the fallen, that ties in with my

I'm going to be painting this along with my last D'wing squad that I've started (and I'd almost forgotten how long they take!!). I'll paint a termi, then an objective, then a termi and so on.

Anywho, I'm rambling, let me know what you think guys.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Tale of Painters Dealine 6: Met & Project Complete!

Well, its been a while hasn't it...

I come, bearing updates! However, I also come bearing crappy shots on a camera phone. Unfortunately its all I have to work with right now, but I'm hoping I can get some better pictures soon. 

As for the actual update: well, I finished the Tale of Painters challenge on Librarium Online. My final monthly entry and 1000pt army are shown below:

The camera has washed out most of the colour which is disappointing. Most annoyingly though, the shots of my Interrogator Chaplain aren't as nice as I would like. Especially as I think its the best model I've ever done!

(Larger photos of the Chaplain can be seen here, and the ToP entry here)

The photos have washed out some of the highlighting, especially on the wings were I took the time to apply a few layers of highlight, from bone to white. Still though, he looks suitably menacing: 

''Repent, for tomorrow....I shall hit you with my big holy stick''

Also worth its own picture is the Tactical Squad Sergeant. I'm getting the power sword process done pretty quick now, which is useful!  

And that's all for now. I'm chuffed as hell to have made it through ToP. It's been a great start to my planned 3000pts of DA, who are now over half done! I think the painting might have cost me a few marks off my degree in my final year - but this is not a hobby for someone with his priorities in the right order! 

Next to do, after scrambling to write a dissertation, is the final Deathwing Squad. They are all assembled and just awaiting some paint. 

And even if I fail the degree I could become a crazed painter-hobo. That wouldn't be so bad...

Let me know what you think people! 


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