Monday, 7 June 2010

For Sale: Dwarf Army

Hello guys! I'm afraid the blog has been rather dead of late, but I am still out there. I'm currently in the middle of a long stretch of straight working days, so I've not had much hobby time to speak of. And, in addition, I'm also running out of money so...

Yep. Its come to this. This was a very short lived project, I didn't even get all the little fellows built. But, alas the overwhelming need for money has forced my hand, and I have to sell on my Dwarf army.

What is on offer is the contents of the old Dwarf army box, plus a few extras, including a carry case complete with bronze dwarf badge on the front. At the moment I can't supply pictures as my camera is away, but they will come soon. So, on the contents:

x1 20 strong Dwarf Warrior Regiment (assembled with Great Weapons)
x1 20 strong Dwarf Warrior Regiment (assembled with Hand Weapons and Shields, 1 test model is painted)
x1 20 Strong Dwarf Thunderer Regiment
x1 20 Strong Dwarf Regiment (could be assembled as either Thunderers or Quarrellers)
x1 20 Strong Dwarf Miners Regiment
x1 Organ Gun
x1 Cannon

x1 Gyrocopter (Assembly in progress)

x1 Dwarf Lord with Great Weapon & King Alrik & Shieldbearers - These models are in the process of being converted, with the Dwarf Lord model standing on King Alrik's Shield. The King model itself (which I'm not a fan of) has been mounted standing on a normal infantry base. Pictures of this will follow!

x1 GW Standard Carry Case (which will fit whole army!)

So, that's what is going under the hammer. As new, the army comes to the princely sum of £221, including the carry case. So keen am I to sell the lot soon the I'm going to be letting it go for £120 posted, saving you £100 on buying it new. Not bad eh?

If you are interested please leave a comment on this post, or email me directly at Its first come first served, so be quick!

Thanks for looking!


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