Monday, 7 July 2008

Dark Angels: The Dark Fortress

This, I believe, is the one major issue with wargames & blogging.

By its very nature wargaming is a slow process. Players rightly want to lavish time on painting their models, and may spend long periods between games with little to report. I have really enjoyed the process of starting this blog - it has been rather frustrating this past week that I have had nothing to add to it. I do wonder how some of the blogs out there find the time to produce so much excellent content!

The Painting of the Deathwing continues - but I am only nearing completion of model number 3 - over a week after finishing the last (Thank God this force has a small model count)! I have also been without a game for a few weeks. I'm hoping to get a few games next week, indeed I should be playing my last games with 4th Ed. Is it heresy to be still lagging behind at this point? Either way, there should be some battle reports to look forward to.

So, in an effort to prove to the world, any myself, that this blog is not already dead I've decided to showcase a Deathwing inspired website I have stumbled upon. The Dark Fortress has a great collection of fluff, pictures, and tactics on our bone clad friends and is well worth a look.

I really wanted to draw attention to the truly stunning Deathing force of 'Wolferine' that can be found here. This page alone went a long way to convincing me that the 'wing had to be my next army. This* Standard Bearer simply makes me want to cry like a little girl. Well, more than usual at any rate. I think its just superb, and if anybody can give me a straightforward tutorial on how to paint faces, and more particularly stubble (like this*) then I would be eternally in their debt!

Next time on The Astronomican: I hope to be able to set up a group shot of my one remaining army - The Guard. Any guesses as to what regiment the horrible blighters are from?

*As annoying as links are, I didn't want to post pictures of these models directly on my blog - they are not my work and I would hate for anyone to think otherwise!

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RonSaikowski said...

Deathwing... it's a hard road to travel. From painting to playing, it never gets any easier.

It's worth it though. And you're right, there is definitely some inspiring stuff on that site.


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