Thursday, 14 August 2008

The Astronomican Dims

As we enter the Time of Ending the holy light of the Emperor's Astronomican begins to fade, hurling the fragile Imperium into disarray and panic.

Well, its not quite that bad. The Astronomican will be without computer access for the next two weeks, meaning that after a recent flurry of updates, this site shall fall silent.

I have, however posted up my two most recent 5th Ed. Dark Angels and Saim-Hann army lists, and I hope that while I'm away some of you with time on your hands might like to add any criticisms and comments you can come up with. Also check out my first Dark Angels Tac. Marine, shown below.

Anyway farewell for now, I look forward wading through all the great blog articles that are going to mount up in my absence!

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