Friday, 19 September 2008

Tale of Painters (ToP)

For me the main challenge of 40K is actually painting the models. I consider myself to be alright at the game itself, but win or lose I am pretty much guaranteed a good time. Painting however is a whole series of highs and lows and sometimes really isn't fun. But, the gaming experience is vastly improved by good painting and so we solider on.

In an effort to help with the process I've signed on the The Tale of Painters Project on Librarium Online. Check the links for a full look at how the project works, and be sure to sign up yourself! In summary it is a 6 month project were participants are tasked with painting 200pts of models a month in order to have a legal 1000pts army by its conclusion. Now the mathematically astute of you will notice that 200pts a month for 6 months should make 1200pts, however participants are given on 'free' month, or Joker, where they can paint nothing and not go out. This is to allow for busy home lives that occasionally take precedence to little models.

There is of course no forfeit for dropping out, this is supposed to be friendly motivation after all. But there are competitions for Best Army and Most Improved etc. (not that I'm planning on winning!), and there is a lot to be said for submitting work and seeing what people think - it is after all why this blog exists!

So, in an effort to complete my 1500pts Dark Angels List I've signed up (under the username sovietspace) and made myself a time schedule:

Month 1: 10 man Tactical Squad - 205pts   
Month 2: Rhino, Attack Bike & 3 Ravenwing (1 with Meltagun) - 200pts   
Month 3: Three Ravenwing (Sarg. & 1 with Meltagun) & Land Speeder - 200pts   
Month 4: Four Terminators (including Cyclone Missile & excluding Apothecary.) - 192pts    
Month 5: Belial & Terminator Apothecary. - 203 pts

This gives me a 'Joker' month, that no doubt I'll need for the Terminators, and leaves a Land Raider to finish whenever I have time. Look out for a work in progress thread on Librarium Online should you be a visitor. Also go and have a look at their previous ToP, there has been some great work and some even better excuses!

It's also worth noting that the ToP's organiser, Cyric the Mad, has been working on a mammoth Dark Angels army that can, and should, be viewed here

Wish me luck, I'm off to paint some Tac. Marines!

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