Friday, 19 September 2008

Deathwing Squad Complete

So, after over a month of hiatus the Astronomican is back, and back with some progress! The first Deathwing Squad is complete!

For some reason I cannot fathom its taken me over 3 months to paint 5 models - in my opinion shockingly slow work, and something I'm going to have to improve on in my up coming 'Tale of Painters' project. However, the models have still turned up very well in my opinion and include a simple banner conversion and my first attempts at faces and detailed power weapons.

The one obvious glaring omission is an actual banner. I am working on a number of ideas for this. Freehand painting is at this stage out of the question (though check out this obscenely good freehand banner - be sure to scroll down the page to be see a step by step picture). I am looking at either a high quality print out that would be PVA'ed onto the banner or using a one of the plastic icons from the Ravenwing boxed set. I'm leaning towards the former option, simply because I really want to use the actual Deathwing Banner.

I also intend to do a full set of highlights on these guys in the future, but for the sake of my own sanity I want to start on the rest of the army!

I seem unable to make these photo's into attachments, but more detailed versions can be viewed at my Picasa Album.

Anyway, be sure to read todays two other posts, comments and criticism are always welcomed.


73rd said...

I do love the Deathwing. Great looking squad, very nicely painted buddy.


RonSaikowski said...

Looks good, let's see that banner finished now.

sovietspace said...

Many thanks for the comments guys.

Ron: I'm hoping to have some time spare before my Oct 15th Tale of Painters deadline to work on the banner - I should have finished it before posting but I let my enthusiasm for bloggging get the better of me!

sani said...

thanks for the comment. I've also added a link to your blog at rajabersiong.
The 40k background, history and culture of it's people is amazing. This was what attracted me to warhammer 40k in the first place.
Actually i'm also quite new to the game and am still figuring out what army to play.


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