Monday, 11 May 2009

Those New Army Shakes...

Right then, I am now officially on the bandwagon. I've bought the Imperial Guard codex and I'm facing some real difficultly in putting it down; has anybody got a cure for this? I figured, to mark its release, I would show you all my IG collection, and post up an army list that I think I may tackle after my Dark Angels are done. 

So, first of all, I present to you The Glorious 24th Praetorian Regiment of Foot.  

I first started picking up IG when the Praetorians were released in 1996, when I was only 9! I think I must have watched Zulu a thousand times that year! After picking up a squad here and there I ended up with the force above, as well as a large amount of the early FW tanks and a sizable Cadian detachment. When I left the hobby in 2004, I sold almost all of my GW armies, but I really couldn't bring myself to sell the Praetorians. For me they exemplified the wackyiness and Gothic humour, that the 40k universe captures so well. When I came back to the game, the 24th was the army that I learned 5th ed with, before moving on to my Saim Hann.

Unfortunately the 24th are now effectively retired, except for the odd Apocalypse game, where that armour really comes in handy. The overall painting on the army is very basic, not a highlight to be found - indeed some models only have 3 or 4 colours! At some point I would love to redo the army; dumping all the tanks, buying some more Praetorians off eBay and producing an infantry heavy army. Possibly with the help of copious amounts of Army Painter! 

However, the army list I have been considering has is not designed for my beloved 24th...

Reading the IG Codex, the new unit that really captured my imagination was the Medusa.

An 'in your face' siege tank, its a brutal monster that symbolises the overwhelming force that the IG love so much. With Bastion-breacher Shells the beast is capable of throwing out a Str. 10 Ap.1 Blast shot up to 48''! If your facing hordes its 'norma'l round is a Str. 10 Ap.2 Ordnance Large Blast shot at 36''. All for a measly 140 points! That, to me, is an awesome deal.  
Before long I was thinking up army lists based on the Medusa, and came up with the concept of the 'Line Breaker' companies. Similar to the SM Vindicator formations of the same name, I imagined IG companies formed solely to meet the task of punching through enemy front lines, utilizing the fire power of the Medusa, backed up with the humble Leman Russ and infantry. After some scribbling, I came up with the following list:


Company Command Squad     155pts
Regimental Standard, Medic, Plasma Gun x2


Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad     140pts
Company Standard, Medic, Heavy Flamer 
Commissar: Power Fist

Infantry Squad 1     65pts
Plasma Gun
Infantry Squad 2     55pts
Grenade Launcher 
Infantry Squad 3     55pts
Grenade Launcher
Special Weapons Squad     50pts
3 Flamers
Heavy Weapons Squad     75pts
3 Autocannons

Veteran Squad     170pts
Sergeant Bastonne
Heavy Flamer, Plasma Gun, Grenade Launcher 

Fast Attack

Vendetta     130pts

Heavy Support

Leman Russ Squadron     300pts
2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks

Medusa     155pts
Bastion-Breachers, Enclosed Crew Compartment 

Medusa     155pts
Bastion-Breachers, Enclosed Crew Compartment 

Total - 1500pts

 - This army effectively relies on the Medusas and LRBT's having enough firepower to occupy and cripple the enemy. The Medusas will hunker down, in cover if possible, and from there can tackle anything from hordes to Land Raiders. Meanwhile, the LRBT will advance with most of the infantry and attract fire onto their Armour 14 fronts, allowing the Medusa's to live longer.

- The Command Squad is a low budget affair, designed to hang back and bolster any defence. In Capture & Control style games they would be joined by the Autocannon squad, combined with infantry squad 3, in order to control a home objective.

- The Special Weapons flamer squad is designed to be combined with the Platoon Command Squad that, with the Commissar's Power Fist, should provide a nice counter-charge unit. They would advance with Squads 1&2, behind the LRBTs, to take objectives. In annihilation games they can make one nice 32 man unit, that should be fun to chew through!  

- Finally the Vendetta & Veteran Squad are my ace in the hole. Fast, reliable and packing a load of firepower - the Vendetta can hunt tanks and Monstrous Creatures, whilst the Vets. would hopefully be able to clear an objective. 

Well, that's what I've been playing with in my mind. I would love to hear some opinions on the list, critical or otherwise.

This is not an army I would use the Praetorians for, as it simply doesn't fit their fluff. I'm working on a few ideas for what models to use - including Cadians with Red Berets and a 1945 British Airborne style cammo scheme. Go watch A Bridge Too Far to see what I mean! 

Anyway, I hope some of you enjoyed the post and pictures. Please do let me know what you think of the list, I would love some suggestions.  

Next time on The Astronomican - A report from the WPS Club Challenge! 

I really love tanks - can you tell?


Max said...

I guess the part I'm most intrigued by is the mix of weapons on the vet squad. Generally I go for 3 of a kind to maximize anti-x firepower. Especially with Bastonne there I would focus on either anti-MC/Tank or heavy infantry, as he has Fire on my Target! and Bring it Down!

Otherwise, looks like a fun list!

TheMightyFlip said...

Can I have your tanks if your not gonna use them? :P

Its great to see so many of the old guard models, but getting replacements nows only going to get harder and more expensive.

Mr Syxx said...

Thats a damn fine set you have there,I love to see a full preatorian unit, not to many left out there but wow is this one gleaming good show man.


BH Senior Editor

Farmpunk said...

I've got to admit the Medusa is the new shiny toy that caught my imagination too.

I've dreams of 2Medusa and griffon squadrons (griffon for ablative tank wound) and maybe another squadron of a colossus and griffon for killing in cover.

add in a few Vets with ML/GL and I think it will be good. ooh. and Sisters of Battle in a Valk w/missile pods.

so much to dream about.

I love the variety of lists the IG can field.


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