Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Heretical Commercials (Blogs & Roleplay)

Hello bloggers, just a quick post today, mainly to highlight the blog of a very old friend who I have recently rediscovered and started gaming with again. Forgotmytea and I started gaming together at some point around 2000, but lost contact after going to college and uni. In the last month however I have not only discovered that he still paints and plays wargames, but also that he is a fellow blogger!

So head over to Forgotmytea where you can read about his growing Epic Eldar army (xenos rivals to my own glorious Imperial force) as well as his established Necron army of doom.

The first of hopefully a few awesome objective markers, made by Forgotmytea


In other news, I myself have descended further in to the world of geekdom and have been convinced to try something that I have resisted for so long: Roleplaying Games.

Our GM, who has more roleplay experience in his little finger than I do in my whole body has decided to introduce us to The World of Darkness, a game set in the modern day where Vampires and Werewolves exist alongside mankind.

We have already begun the preliminaries, sorting out characters and background etc. I myself have assumed the role of a Russian Vampire, born under the rule of the Tsars and serf to a powerful noble, who just so happened to be a vampire. Exiled to the UK after the revolution I am always keen to take revenge on...well, just about anybody I can. Links to shadowy figures such as Rasputin are already being formed and the whole thing looks to be a lot of beer swigging fun. If I can, I will get some write-ups sorted and posted here.

Finally, if I do get into the spirit of this roleplay business (and I must admit I was skeptical), then I hope to GM my own Dark Heresy based adventures. To this end I picked up the book yesterday, and dear god it is beautiful. If the price tag wasn't quite so high I would recommend it to anybody just for the fluff sections; as it is I am very pleased with my purchase. I wont be performing any in-depth reviews, as I have no roleplaying experience to judge it by, but as a product in itself it certainly get a thumbs up from me!


Forgotmytea said...

Thanks for the mention =) though you flatter me too much! Would be good to see the write-ups, though; have to confess I haven't even started mine yet, it's vying with the craftworld background for dominance right now...

Shelexie said...

Have fun learning RPG's. They were actually my gateway drug into mini's and I still have a soft spot for them. I am actually starting a World of Darkness campaign and you can read a few of the write ups at my blog if you would like. I hope you really like it =)

sovietspace said...

Thanks Shelexie, I'll be sure to check it out as soon as possible :)

Do you have any tips for a first time RPG'er?!

Shelexie said...

I guess there are a few things I would offer up:

*There are different types of groups. Some like combat, some like social challenges. Some like to stay in character the whole time. Other groups talk just as much side conversation as they play the game. Get a feel for where the group is and go with it.

*Worry less about the rules and more about the story you are creating together. If you want to try to do something crazy, go for it. That is what they will be talking about next month!

*Take snacks! The gamer that shows up with chips & dip and beer (or other approved beverage) will always be welcomed at the table!

Have fun and let us know what you think!

sovietspace said...

Thanks for that Shelexie, some useful stuff to consider! We've recently heard from our WoD GM that the story should begin sometime late next month, so I have a little while to wait.

Ah well, I can put it to use planning a Dark Heresy story!


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