Monday, 14 September 2009

Tale of Painters 2 Deadline 1: Met (Sort of...)

This post my first begin with an apology. I have well and truly failed to keep apace with 73rd's excellent A Tale of Even More Painters. I am sad that I didn't have the time to sort out my entries to the last few deadlines, but it has been great to see how the group has melded together, and how like minded hobbyists can offer each other a great amount of support and advice. 73rd, if you read this then please consider me off the challenge, but I wish you and the rest of the entrants the very best of luck!

A second apology also goes to the rest of the blogesphere. I've been remiss in barely commenting on so much of the great work that goes on out there. I'm going to try and follow the lead set by Gamer's World in suggesting the Common Posters Group, as it is unfair that I take so much enjoyment from what I read but do not give anything back. Damn my short attention span!

Anyway, despite failing A Tale of Even More Painters I have been able to keep up the longer term goals set by the Librarium Online challenge. Below are some shots of my entry for the first month:

1. Epic IG

Mechanised Infantry Company - 400pts

At 400pts completed I have managed to stay on target with my Epic force, and I am really enjoying painting at the smaller scale. In particular it was great fun painting the Chimeras, and I do love seeing them arrayed out in a mechanised column.

The scheme itself is rather simple, a military looking grey with highlights, and then simple highlighted browns and greens for all the stowed kit. I want to convey and real utilitarian and military feel with my IG armies. These are not the glory boy marines, all polished and shiny, these are the grunts that bear the brunt of the galaxies fighting and suffer for it...

2. Praetorian Guard

Infantry Squad w/ Grenade Launcher - 55pts

After only managing to complete one squad I am already 145pts behind where I should be with my 40k Guard, leaving me a lot of work to do next month! However, I am pleased that they are at least off the ground and that I am starting to get to grips with using the Army Painter.

Although I do consider it cheating slightly I cant deny that the Army Painter dip is the only way I could conceive of getting an IG army done in a reasonable time, and I pleased with the inital results. The type of shading style you get with the Army Painter also reflects the more realistic and darker tone that I wanted for my IG - getting away from the heroic style of my Dark Angels. I have also added in some details, making sure that all the lasgun targeting lenses are painted properly, as well as detailing the eyes and adding a few subtle highlights here and there (the sergeants sword for example).

I am sorry for the quality of the pictures, it is becoming clear that my camera phone is not up to the job! This said, I would love to hear any comments or criticism that people have.

For next month expect to see an Epic Armoured Company, as well as 3 more Praetorian Squads. This, at least, is the plan...

Thanks for reading!


Simon said...

Everything is looking good. The spectacle of the column of Chimeras is quite cool - nice work.


Mik said...

Don't think of dip as cheating, it's just another tool in your painting toolbox...

Everything is looking good so far, keep it going!

73rd said...

The force is looking great so far mate! Really like those mini tanks, they look so solid - like throwing boulders at the enemy, but boulders that know what they are doing!

SandWyrm said...

Looks good. Though I think I'd hit the models with a layer of Testors Dull-Cote to get rid of the unnatural shine.

sovietspace said...

@ SandWyrn, I did actually spray them with GW Matt Varnish, which gets most of the shine off. But I might pick up this Testors stuff and see if its better :)

Ben said...

Glad you're meeting the Tale of Painters deadlines, bud! And with such an impressive couple armies as well!



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