Sunday, 14 February 2010

Tale of Painters Entry 6

Its that time of the month again...

I'm now at the half way point of the LO Tale of Painters challenge, and I'd sad to report that I'm behind schedule with both my 40k and Epic entries. However, that was the case last time, so I'm confident I'll get everything done in the end!

This month I failed to get any work done on the Epic models, which is annoying. I'm going to get my two Warhounds done for next month though, promise!

As for 40k, I managed to pull through and achieve my target, which was:

1 Leman Russ and 1 Infantry Squad w/ Missile Launcher: 215pts

That leaves my Praetorian army currently at 792pts. I'm half way to 1500pts, woohoo!

I've got to say I'm rather proud of this army now. All the Praetorian models are done, a full platoon's worth, and I think I've finally done the figures justice (especially compared to the last paint job I gave them).

Moving on to the armour, I'm still trying to crack this realistic weathering, and I know I'm still a long way off from getting it. That said, I think I'm still moving in the right direction. For this months Russ, I think I may have gone over the top in a few places, but there are a lot of elements that I think really worked - for example I'm starting to get better use out of those pesky weathering powders. Thats what its all about in the end, gradual improvement. Hopefully I can have a few more tricks mastered before I attempt the Marauder...

Anyway, here are some pics, I would really be interested in any comments or criticisms people have. You should be able to click on the photos to get larger versions.

I really must learn to post less photos..!


The Inner Geek said...

The guard look great. I'd not worry about posting too many pictures. Personally, I'd rather have too many to look at than too few!

Cannonfodder said...

Nooo, more photos! I love to see old metal guard armies. Bring on more!

sovietspace said...

Well, more photos it shall be, I'll remember that for next time! Thanks for the comments guys.


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