Thursday, 18 March 2010

For Sale: The Astromonican's Saim Hann Eldar!

Yes, its true, I want to sell my Eldar. Why? Well there are two reasons, first I barely play them any more and secondly there is another army that I am really keen to buy. Which army is that, I hear you cry! Well, I'm not telling you, but I can promise its dramatically different to my current collection...

On offer to you, dear blog reader, is my entire Eldar collection. I'm posting it here first; if there is no interest then it will reach eBay, but if I can avoid sellers fees, I will!

So then, what is there? Firstly there are all the models I have painted:

In summary:
9 Jetbikes (3 with Shuriken Cannons)
Converted Jetbike Warlock
2 Vypers
10 Dire Avengers
1 Wave Serpent (Magnetised)
1 Falcon (Magnetised)

WiP stuff:
Converted Jetbike Farseer
6 Fire Dragons (1 Painted)

At the bottom of the post you can find some more pictures of this stuff (and there are more in this post here)

However, that is not all I have. Unpainted or assembled I also have:
1 Jetbike Autarch (Unassembled)
Warlock on foot
12 Guardians (with Support Platform)
6 Howling Banshees (Unassembled)
5 Shinning Spears (Unassembled)
1 Grav Tank (with parts to make it either a Falcon or Wave Serpent)
My Eldar bits box.

Finally, included with that is a Sabol Motor Pool Carry case, already worked to fit the majority of the army.

So thats 16 Jetbikers, 35+ Infantry, 2 Vypers, 3 Tanks, some unique conversions and a carry case.

All this, brand new comes to £321, not including the carry case.

I'm only asking for £200 posted for the lot! That saves you £121 pounds at least, and you get a bonus carry case! Not bad eh? So if you are looking to start an Eldar Army or know a friend who is, this is for you!

I'll will happily post photos of the un-pictured models & case if there is any serious interest. I'm not really looking to spilt the army up, but if you do want a large chunk of the stuff, make me an offer. I'll see what I can do!

Please comment on the thread or contact me via my profile page.

Thanks for reading guys, heres hoping someone can help me get a new army!

Jetbikes and converted Warlock


Dire Avengers

WiP Converted Farseer

First Painted Fire Dragon

Magnetised Grav Tanks


The 25mm Warrior said...

Speaking as someone that has sold armies before... you'll miss em when they're gone mate.

Good luck on selling em. With a force this fantastic looking it's not going to be hard to find a buyer.

There's always ebay too:)

sovietspace said...

Thanks mate :)

I know I'll miss em, but as/when I do Eldar again I'd want to start from scratch anyway. Hopefully then I wont regret selling them!

Dark Eldar said...

Good luck with the sell! I'm very much looking forward to hearing what your new army is...

sovietspace said...

@Dark Eldar: Thank you for your comment!

To all, the army is currently under offer and should be paid for within the next few days. I'll let people know if this changes.



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