Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tale of Painters Entry 7

Well, once again I have let the blog fall silent for far too long. Never fear however, in this last month I have not been idle, in fact I think I may have bitten off rather more than I can chew in hobby terms, but more on that in future posts!

For today, regular as clockwork, is my monthly tale of painters entry.

Epic IG

Well, I went back on my promise to get the warhounds done. I tired to get the epic done but once again they fell by the way-side. Failure to produce any models next month will see them out of the competition, so I'm determined to get at least something produced for April.

40k IG

The Praetorians however are a different story. I am attending a tournament at the end of this month with the Bristol Vanguard, and I am hoping to bring the little Pith-helmeted fellows along. I've realised they wont be quite finished, I'm going to settle for having an old stand-in Chimera, but I want everything else completed. This means getting a Russ, a Medusa, the Command Squad and Sly Marbo finished before April.

Well, I can proudly report that the Russ is 75% done and the Command Squad is finished. Indeed, there were my March entry to ToP:

Similarly to my Veterans I'm using Vostroyan models to represent 'Spireborn' Praetorians. I do love these models, they are really in-line with the Praetorians, and they provide a nice change of pace and upping of detail. First off, here is the captain (with a chip on his nose I have just noticed...)

Next, the most striking model in the squad (and already the most chipped...)

I'm pleased with how the banner came out, its not fantastic, but I think above normal table-top quality.

Finally, one of my favourite models, the medic with the
huge syringe.

And finally, an army shot, showing where the Praetorian 5th are to date.

Sorry for the rushed post, I'm already going to be for work! Still, this is more interesting...

Any comments greatly appreciated!


Simon said...

The Vossies look great - I'm a big fan of mustaches on minis.

Looking forward to seeing the Warhounds, you should paint them up next!


Ben said...

Excellent work on the Vostroyans! Tale of Painters is entering the home stretch, and you've done some amazing work!

Tristan said...

They look great mate - love the huge syringe!

sovietspace said...

Thank you for the comments guys. I with you Simon, you got to love moustaches!

Paintings of Horses said...

When I was a child I like to play like these knights.


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