Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dark Angels Army 'Fluff' - The 1st Capture Group

I love the 40k background. It's the stories and novels that keeps me interested in this hobby. 

As an example, when I went to college I turned my back on the game itself and sold the vast majority of my models. However, I never even considered selling my novels, White Dwarfs or codices, indeed I continued to buy more. Unsurprisingly it was the fluff that eventually got me back into the game. 

So, presented below is some my fluff for my Dark Angels. 

It was also an excuse to mess around with photoshop...


Click on the photo for a full size version 


I'll let the fluff largely talk for itself, but below is some of my thought process. 

I wanted to link my DA in with my Praetorian Guard which, given that Praetoria is in Segmentum Tempestus, placed them directly in the path of Hive Fleet Leviathan. However, I also wanted my Dark Angels to keep to their main purpose, hunting the shadowy forces of Chaos. So I followed the old GW trick, and used a confused (Inquisition) outsider to describe my army as a sinister and suspicious force. The '1st Capture Force' is nowhere near the Eye of Terror or the Maelstrom (where you might assume the DA to be) and the Inquisition wants to work out why. 

So who are they hunting? Are they going to undermine efforts against the Hive Fleet? Does there presence signal a previously unknown Chaos presences in Segmentum Tempestus?

Well, don't you just love a bit of GW style intrique!

It's also convenient because my main enemies at home play Chaos and Tyranids, giving me a fluffy excuse to fight both of them!

I would love to hear anybodies comments on what I have come up with. Some of this is far from cannon (the 'Capture Groups' are entirely my own invention), so I would love to know if people think it does 'fit' within the wider 40k story.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I used a lot of images found on the Internet to make this picture. I would like to stress that all are used in good faith, and should any of the owners object, they will be taken down immediately. Please contact me by commenting on this post. I hope to improve the background of the 40K universe, I'm not trying to offend any other hobbyist out there. Many thanks. 


Gamers World said...

I think making capture groups up is a good idea. Love what you did with photoshop.

unforgivenangels said...

Hey buddy, you know I can never resists a good bit of fluff. It all fits in very nicely, especially the Capture Group. Leave it to a good old Inquisition lacky to pick up the scent, and before you know it the Dark Angels will have moved on quicker than the Inquisition get the time to query their presence! Really nice use of Photoshop too, and I can honestly say that this slots in very nicely to the 40k background. I was actually meaning to contact you about your thoughts on a Dark Angel Campaign, unofficial obviously, but worth looking in to, especially since we will be waiting a hell of a time for games Workshop to release anything. Drop me an email if you are interested in this idea mate, or send me a comment and I will contact you.

Great job again, 73rd

sovietspace said...

Cheers for you comments guys, would love to hear any more out there.

73rd: I would love to be involved your campaign mate! I can't find a way to contact you on your site, so, hoping that you've supscribed to these comments, my email addy is:

Please drop us a line and let me know how I can help...


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