Monday, 18 May 2009

WPS Club Challange: After Action Report (Part 1)

Well, as you can see, I did pretty out of the WPS Club Challenge! 

I can very proudly report that my lowly Interrogator Chaplain  manged to win the Single Model category of the open competition, in face of what I thought was some stiff opposition. Now its hardly a Golden Daemon, but its my first gaming award so I'll be damned if I'm not going to show it off! 

As for the weekend itself, I had an excellent time - it was a fabulous introduction into the tournament scene. All my games were great fun, against some of the nicest people you could hope to meet - I certainly did not meet any of the power gamers we all hear so much about. 

Now at this point I'm unsure how well I actually placed, as we had to leave before final results were announced. However, if my maths is right I think I may have ended up in the top 15, out of about 60 odd players - not bad for a first tournament! I also managed to take enough notes and pictures to make two full battle reports, and summaries of the other three. So, when the tournament scores are posted online, I'll write up a full tourni report for you all to chew through!

So, lacking any battle reports, I'm simply going to bombard you with some rubbish pictures from the event. And I have made a resolution to get a better camera! 

First off, just to show the scale of the event, here are some pictures of the 40k & Fantasy room. There were further rooms for Blood Bowl, Warhammer Ancient Battles, Hordes/Warmachine & Flames of War - it was quite an experience to see pretty much a whole hotel taken over by legions of hobbyists!

The pictures below show some of the quality that was entered into the Open Competition. For example, in the background of the first pic you can see one of the other single miniatures, complete with stained glass window! I wish I had taken some more photos other of the other entrants! 

Next up are a few shots of some the 40k armies that caught my eye over the course of the weekend: 

Red Scorpions 

Death Guard

Mantis Warriors

Chaos Marines

Chaos Marines

A special mention goes to the next army, as it both belongs to a fellow member of the Bristol Vanguard and was, in my opinion, easily the best 40k Army at the event. My camera-phone really doesn't do the army justice, so be sure to check better shots out here.

Finally, one of the more interesting aspects of the WPS for me was to see all the other games systems in action. As a gamer exclusively faithful to 40k and its sub-games, it was a real education to see some of the WFB, WAB & Flames of War games going on. 

The biggest shock for me is that I've come away with a real urge to play Flames of War. It looked to be a really fun system and, being a WWII buff, it really appeals. At this rate sovietspace might finally have a Soviet horde to call his own! If I can find someone else locally who will take the plunge with me, I am considering postponing my Imperial Guard plans and traveling back to 1942... Its heresy, but there it is! 

Warhammer Ancient Battles

Flames of War in action 

Anyway guys, I hope I've reflected the great time I had in this post. I simply can't wait to get to the Pompey Pillage! 

Look out for a full Tournament Battle Report in the next few weeks! 


Admiral Drax said...

I have to say: I've often felt tempted by Flames of War.

Now what's this about Pompey Pillage? Please tell me it's an event in Portsmouth - that's my old home town, and it'd be a grand excuse to nip home to see my dad...

Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and...WELL DONE!

- Drax.

Craig said...

No way Drax, Im from pompey too! PLAY UP POMPEY, POMPEY PLAY UP!
Anyway, back to 40k, there are some fantastic armies here, the space marines with the upside down V symbol won a Golen Deamon a while ago didnt they??
And oh my god that sisters of battle army is beautiful... so tempted to get some, their vehicles are so ornate!
Followed the link and tha is a fantastically well painted (& Based) army, does the owner have a blog? If so please post me a link in a comment over on my blog as I may forget to check back

Craig @ cadian8th

sovietspace said...

Drax and King's SB - The Pompey Pillage is indeed in Portsmouth, and you should both get yourselves down there asap! It would be beyond awesome to see some fellow bloggers down there...

Its on the 20/21st of June, and you can find details here:

Oh and King's SB - He has no blog that I know of, but his new Scythes of the Emperor project can be seen here:

Anyway, thanks for the comments, maybe see you at the pillage!

Tigerstyle said...

Congratulations on the win! Well deserved, your Chaplain is a superb model.

Wanderer787 said...

Congratulations on your award, sir! It looks like that was an excellent event.

Farmpunk said...

looks like a good time!

I've been to some nice tourneys, where the players are friendly, and there to have fun, not win at all costs. Those are very enjoyable tourneys.

The models and the fluff were why I played WitchHunters as my first army. The Allies rules pushed me firmly into the Imperial camp.

The standard Sister troop is pretty good looking. It can take a while to paint them. Especially if you are one who might have tendencies to obsess over getting everything looking great.

When you do paint them to a high level of detail, it feels very satisfying.

Simon said...

I think that model looks a lot nicer than you give it credit for. I remember being very impressed when you put the pictures up on LO.

Congrats again!

Admiral Drax said...


Do you know of a contact email for the event - I'm interested in going, but not to take part. Any suggestions, please?

73rd said...

Well done with the Chaplain mate! Congrats are in order I believe.

sovietspace said...

Drax - There is an email address on the entry form which you can find here:

Hopefully you can drop them a line through that. To be honest mate I don't think anyone would mind you just pooping in for a look on the day anyway. Once you've made it clear your a gamer then it shouldn't be a problem!

Do be sure to let me know if you are going, it would be good to put a face to a username!


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