Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Battle Missions: The inside scoop!

Right then guys, I have seen and had a good look at the shiny new battle missions book, and I've come to share what I have learned! First off, lets get a good look at the missions themselves, in full:

Chaos Marines

1. Pillage
2. Black Crusade
3. Scorched Earth

Chaos Daemons

1. Night Fight
2. Invasion
3. Fight to the Death

Dark Eldar
1. Dawn Raid
2. Slave Raid
3. Feigned Retreat

1. Pre-emptive Strike
2. Flank Attack
3. Mobile Defence

Imperial Guard
1. Prepared Assault
2. War of Attrition
3. Trench Warfare

1. Ambush
2. Reconnaissance in Force
3. Implacable Advance

1. Blitzkrieg
2. Waaagh!
3. Cut & Run

Space Marines
1. Vanguard
2. Surprise Attack
3. All-round Defence

1. Vertical Envelopment
2. Counter-Attack
3. Fighting Withdrawal

1. First Contact
2. Wave Assault
3. Infestation

1. Kill Team
2. Linebreaker
3. Clash of Heroes

Quite a list!

So then, what else can I tell you. Well, first the book itself is very nice. Its well put together, some good bits of fluff and some great shots of models/battles.

I'm also happy to say I can allay some fears about the race-specific missions. Although they are clearly designed with each army in mind, this is more from a fluff point of view. It is clear that any army could happily play any mission, indeed this is expressed in the foreword. There is no reason why a Marine army couldn't play the Counter-Attack mission in the role normally filled by Tau, for example. This means we are in effect getting 33 new missions, as opposed to the few for whatever races your gaming group has.

As far the missions themselves go, they are a mixed bag. Some are subtle changes of deployment zone or objective placement, while others are really off the wall or ingenious. My personal favourite so far is a Guard mission that has a random bombardment. This involves cutting out bombardment counters, holding them 36'' above the table and letting them 'flutter' down. Where ever they rest suffers a large blast hit. I think this is a really simple but awesome idea (though not one for tournaments...). There are other similar surprises throughout the book

Finally I'm going to highlight the last three missions. Not only do we see a slightly modified return of Kill Team, but also a hero centric battle where only characters are allowed to kill off other characters. These seem like a real blast to play, and I'll be trying them out as soon as I can.

Anyway, that's all I can recall for now, I hope its been of interest. From first viewing I can recommend the book, I'll be getting a copy when it comes out...


Anonymous said...

I totally skipped buying Planetstrike, but it sounds like this might be a worthwhile purchase from GW. Thanks for the advanced review!

Col. Corbane said...

Sounds like GW have pulled a blinder, I think I'm going to have to pick this one up.

Thanks for the review mate.

Hudson said...

Random bombardment: "That crazy Mulligan is dropping them all over the place!"

Matt said...

I sort of regret my planetstrike purchase but looking at this I am looking forward to the new book. Especially if kill team and combat patrol are brought back those were great games.
Side note, maybe it;s just me but I noticed no sisters or DH/ Inquisition scenarios. COuld it be a sign that they are being pulled. I noticed DE is still in the mix. Just a random observation could be nothing could be something.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I took away from my looksie through a copy was the special rule attached to the SM Vanguard mission - if a Thunderhawk is used in the mission (thats a regular 40K game using an Apoc vehicle) and is downed, the SM automatically loses. The whole mission is built fluffwise around drop pods and Thunderhawks. THUNDERHAWK being the big thing that stood out to me. When I queried my local store manager about this entry he was really coy about giving any sort of answer. Me being ever the optimist leads me to think that maybe something large and plastic like might be coming out as a secret release. Or I'm deluding myself.

Captain Yukka said...

Thanks for the update on this, nice to see a bit more in depth detail - I now know I NEED this book (but then again the same can be said for most GW products lol)

sonsoftaurus said...

Excellent! Thanks for posting that up, glad to hear that they're including some funky rules in as well. Should help spice things up. The flutter-down bombardment reminds me of the old Epic drop-pod deployment. Happily awaiting my pre-order!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I'll definitely be buying this book when it hits shelves. You're really ramped up my excitement!

John Lambshead said...

I was a little disappointed with Planetstrike so I think I will pass on this.

jabberjabber said...

Nice round-up! I'm wondering whether this publication will become an "essential buy" for anyone playing in organized tournaments.

Anonymous said...

I think this will be a good training manual for people going to tournaments.


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