Saturday, 22 May 2010

New GW Daemon Models!

Hey guys, just a quick post from me today, and something that I think has been missed to date. The new Daemon models are up on the GW website!

With a bit of searching you can find an un-publicised article called Daemon tactica, which pictures of all the Daemon models, including the new ones. Enjoy:


New Bloodcrusher:

The Changeling:



Daemon Prince:

(What do we reckon that this a kit involving the parts to make the fantasy-esque Daemon Prince we have seen on BoLS? The legs look remarkably similar...)

Well there you go. I personally think there are some superb sculpts there, especially the Fateweaver and Changeling. Spread the news guys!


Zzzzzz said...

I like the changeling one.

CJ said...

Great stuff he conor? :)

love the fateweaver

Cheers CJ

Mr.Esty said...

No love for Nurgle, what the hell?

James Paladin said...

Is that Blood Crusher supposed to be plastic?

Forgotmytea said...

Oh good lord those Tzeentch daemons are amazing. I was going to do a daemon-less Thousand Sons army, but I might have to work in a bit of warp-spawned support now...

srivatsav said...

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