Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Astronomican calls...

Well, he we are then.

This is the first step in an idea I have been considering for some time, namely to emulate some of the great 40k blogs out there that map the growing love of this hobby. This, hopefully, will be a record of my adventures in the 40k universe.

First off I should say that this will not be somewhere that leads the way - my painting, modeling & gaming are by my own admission average. That said, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my abilities in the last year, mainly because of blogs, and I will try to collect any useful points/hints/tutorials/links here as I come across them. Mainly though I imagine I will just use this blog as a record for myself & to motivate my painting. I've pretty much been inspired by the other great blogs out there, which I will have to list at some point!

So anyway, I hope that anybody that stumbles across these pages will get something out of them; I'm going to ramble on regardless!

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