Friday, 24 October 2008

Cameras, Tactical Marines & Ravenwing...

Good news people, I have access to a camera! Although not my actual digital camera (I keep on spending money meant for repairs on more models...) I've got a fairly good camera phone that will do the job for now. 

So, as promised, below are some pictures of the Tactical Squad I finished a while ago. They took me about around a month to complete. I still consider that as slow, given the speed some of the people on blogs and forums seem able to achieve. What do you all think, are these people just insanely talented or should I be looking to paint faster? 

Please also add you vote to my poll on painting the interiors of vehicles. I'm sitting here looking at my Rhino and wondering if its worth the effort. I'd love to hear some comments on this too. 

Anyway, photos. Apologies for the lighting on some of them, I just wasn't able to get it right today.

These pictures are all attachments, so be sure to open them up in a new tab/window for a better look.

As you can see I've used a number of bits from the DA Veterans box, including some of the Veteran torsos. I decided to paint these marines in brown robes instead of the traditional Deathwing Bone for a few reasons. Primarily I think that bone robes stick out far too much in a dark green squad, I wanted them to look like a coherent unit. It also means that if I do ever get a veteran squad, they will look distinct as they should. And of course, the brown was far easier to achieve! Any thoughts on if this look works?

Below are a few closer detail shots as well as some photos featuring some excellent terrain I bought on ebay - that site really can come up with gems every now and then! 

These last two photos show my highlights quite well, they don't aways show up on camera...

I'm really pleased with how the squad turned out, but I welcome any criticisms or improvements people can suggest (compliments are also nice!).

To finish off this already picture heavy post, here are some WIP shots of the Ravenwing. I'm hoping to get the first 3 done within a week. I have already confirmed that I really REALLY hate painting white...


RonSaikowski said...

You know what I like out of all the pics?
The way you shaded the plasma coils on the plasma gun. I never thought to shade front to back like that, it looks like the weapon is charging.

Very nice.

As for painting white. I feel your pain. I don't know of an easy way to do it well... but I do know it's worth it once your done.

Mooooooo!!! said...

Hmm. Not sure if the brown works. It works in heavy lighting, but seems too drab in darkly lit photos. I like it, but just not sure about it.

RonSaikowski said...

Maybe a real subtle highlight then?

I like the darker look... very monkish feeling. But a highlight might help define the material and help keep it from going flat.

Vinci76 said...

quality stuff there buddy. and i know what your saying about painting white... so much time for one model to look good and acheiving a smooth finish is great when everything goes well but for white it seems to show more if you dont, than with other colour.

the brown robes do look a little weird but in a good way. i think im used to seeing them white or a bleached bone sorta finish and to see them done brown is a refreshing change.

sovietspace said...

moooooooo (is it worrying that I wanted to make sure I got the right number of o's?): Thanks a lot for your honest comments! I do understand what you mean - I have put a light highlight on the robes (Graveyard Earth over Calthan Brown) but its one of those things that doesn’t show up great on camera. But even with that defence I may do as ron suggests and try a slightly heavier highlight later. But I am pleased with the 'brown' concept, I hope most seeing it as a refreshing change like vinci76.

Ron: I was very pleased with the way the plasma turned out, and I'm very glad you noticed! I can't claim that it was my original idea but I have forgotten where I saw it.

Gamers World said...

Now that is worth seeing

RonSaikowski said...

If you've got a good highlight already and they look good in person, don't change them for the camera.

I like the darker brown overall because its just not a shade you see often like Vinci76 mentioned.

Admiral Drax said...

Simple, clean, effective. I like it a lot!

I particularly like the posed shots - great detail, mate!

- Drax.

NB: The verification word below is "griaphaz". Genius.

73rd said...

Can't believe I never saw this post when it was published! Great looking Tactical Marines mate. The dark colours look very brooding and it fits the DA perfectly. The Ravenwing look brilliant too, the black paint seems to be more matt than Chaos Black, or maybe it's the lighting? I like it, I use Vallejo black paint to achieve that matt effect myself. How did you out of interest?

sovietspace said...

Cheers for all the comments guys, I'm struggling to sit down and paint right now so this all helps as motivation!

73rd - the Ravenwing is just simple Chaos Black. Perhaps it’s just the photos, though I would describe my bikers as Matt rather than shiny. I guess I was just lucky!

I've heard good things about Vallejo, especially their white, I may have to try their range out soon.


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