Thursday, 16 October 2008

ToP Update & Blog Housekeeping

Well, it appears that I am an idiot. When signing up for the Tale of Painters Project on Librarium Online I misread the process in a rather major way. Because the sign up for the event began in early September I naturally assumed that the first deadline would fall on the 15th of the next month and thus furiously began painting my first Tactical Squad, which I finished yesterday.

I was, evidently, wrong.

The first deadline is in actually on the 15th of November, a fact I only realised a few days ago. Now, because I don't really want to buy or paint any more Dark Angles than what I need for my 1500pts List, I was left with a bit of a choice. Do I paint no DA for a month and submit the Tactical Squad in November (allowing me to work on some Saim-Hann), or do I solider on with the DA and end up with more than I technically want? Well, simply because I'm enjoying painting to the higher standard that the DA enjoy, I've decided to continue with them. I'll probably just paint an extra tactical squad for ToP. I'm also desperate to get an army painted to the best standard I can manage on the table as soon as possible.

This leads me on to a bit more blog housekeeping. I guess I just want to warn those reading that due to some time and transport constraints, this blog is largely going to be a simple log of my painting efforts for the next few months. I'm not able to get to somewhere to game at the moment meaning that I wont be able to do battle reports and other things I would like to do. However, this should change at the start of next year- just about the time I plan to finish my DA! Convenient? I think so!

Finally, in a twist of fate it seems quite fortuitous that I muddled up the ToP deadlines. My camera suffered an 'accident' and is not working at the moment - meaning that I would not have been able to submit pictures of my entry in time anyway. However, the camera is in for repair, and pictures of the Tactical Squad should be gracing these pages shortly.

Be sure to check out my thoughts on the new Space Marine codex below. In the mean time, work begins on the Ravenwing...

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