Friday, 31 October 2008

Unoffical Dark Angels FAQ

Only a quick post today, just an attempt to bring something to the attention of players it might interest. After an great discussion right here on the merits of Codex Space Marines Vs. the Codices of the various 'special' chapters I was interested to see an unofficial 'Rationalised Dark Angels FAQ' on The Dark Fortress (although it apparently began life on Bolter & Chainsword).

This is an attempt to bring the DA codex more into line with C:SM, in a way that many have called for. It would seem to well balanced at first glance, it modifies points costs and allows the DA access to the new wargear options in C:SM while (rightfully) denying them any of the new units.

Now, I can't see myself using this FAQ, as I stand by my comments made in the discussion post, and I certainly wouldn't want to see this used in any 'official' or tournament games. However, if somebody in a pickgame felt sufficiently hard done by that they wanted to use the FAQ, I wouldn't really object. And knowing that there has been some interest right here on this topic, I though I would try to spread the word.

Does anybody know of any equivalent Blood Angles or Black Templars documents, or is it on the DA getting attention? Actually, if you read a recent post of The Bell of Lost Souls, it would appear that the Black Templars don't need any assistance to be game winners!

If you've got any opinions on this debate, feel free to add them to this thread, or the original discussion.


RonSaikowski said...

Merits or not, it's obvious there are enough people "bothered" by the way the official DA FAQ was handled to bring something like this to life.

I wonder if GW will take this to heart for the next round of changes when they come along.

Ranillon said...

Part of the reason why we see more time being spent on Vanilla Marine vs. Dark Angels is that the latter got a codex not too long ago, recently enough that GW should have had some understanding of how much they would change the later marine codex. Being fairly recent it also means that DA may not see an update for another decade. That's a heck of a long time. If it is that long I foresee DA becoming a near dead chapter rarely played. Over time the advantages of the new codex will become clear and anything not updated will be progressively abandoned.

Of course, what's frustrating is that if the DA codex was to be updated it would undoubtedly get all of the new wargear and most of the new units in the marine codex. Does anyone really doubt that's the case? That there is a good indication that the old book has been thoroughly outclassed by the new one.

jabberjabber said...

I'll add myself to the list of people left unsatisfied with Codex:DA. I'm bought a box of DA veterans when the codex came out and am now using those DA bits in my Chaos marine forces rather than construct DAs as I had intended some time ago.

Thanks for your intelligent and thoughtful postings on DAs & the new space marine codex.

sovietspace said...

Thanks to all for your comments, you all make good points. I have to admit that it appears that my views are in a minority. But I can understand people's frustration, hence why I wanted to spread the FAQ.

I hope someone gets some good use out of it.

Raillon: Yikes, its shocking when you consider we may not see another DA or C:SM update for near on a decade, but you are right.

I’ve got to say though, I’m looking forward to when Space Wolves are done so GW can finally put the marines to bed for a while. Every other race out there is long overdue some attention!

Vinci76 said...

this sort of unbalance is mirrored by the Black Templar Codex too.
I dont play either army, was planning on using Black Temlars but ive changed that as i really dont like the BT stucture... and paint scheme.
I am surprised that when a major codex is released that it dosent have minidex addons to smooth over obvious problems with the excisting Chapter codex's.

Vinci76 said...

Oh and i think this just supports the claims that GW now only releases a new codex to push its new miniature range, rather than to update or make the game better. they now seem to pay more attention too pushing the new stuff and very little in basic housekeeping with the excisting literature.
their had to be at least one person at GW headquarters who pointed out the conflicts the new Codex was going to cause, and i bet the reply involved somthing like.... but we can make more cash selling newer versions of those too...


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