Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas with a Land Raider

So then, its time for another 'Look what I got for Christmas' post! However, don't immediately stop reading as there is something interesting at the end of this message...

Anyway, I hope everybody had a great crimbo, and has a relaxing few days ahead of them. I had quite a successful day in GW terms, and to prove it here is my haul:

Besides the books (that I'm really looking forward to reading) there are some great goodies for my DA. Obviously there are the absolutely lovely Terminator Chaplin & Forge World Dread, some of my favourite models out there. These are going to be kept as a reward for finishing ToP, as I'm going to want to spend some time on both of them.

However, the star of today's post will be the combined contents of the two larger boxes.

Now then, how could any good Dark Angels player combine a Land Raider and a Vindicator. Hmmm......

Anybody who guessed a Land Raider Ares can award themselves a point!

Rules for the Land Raider Ares

Now its mostly held together with blue tack at this stage but I think I have the basic concept down. For the sponson flamers I'm planning on cutting down the Redeemers cannons.

This is going to be a slow burning project. I want to actually have a DA army painted before looking at this properly, but I couldn't resist putting it together. I'll probably finish the building soon and then shelve it for a while before painting.

Anyway, I would love to hear what you all think.

Finally, anybody who missed it, check out the post below on the Vogen Campaign - Battle Reports are coming soon...!


Siph_Horridus said...

Any plans on making the dozer blade a little wider? That would finish it off perfectly!

RonSaikowski said...

Wow, you netted quite the catch of goods there. Lots of FW goodies too.

Siph has a good point, the tank is so massive that the standard dozer blade is almost dwarfed.

It would be alot of work but worth it I think. And you've got time too.

sovietspace said...

Hey guys,

First off, I'm glad you both like the conversion so far!

The plan is to indeed widen the dozer blade. It still has its normal 'end pieces' to be attached which makes it about the same width as the rest of the tank. I am currently trying to decide if this is enough or whether some extra card based length would be good.

Either way, it should look good when its done!

Matt said...

Sweet LR man. I don't really mind the dozer blade as is. However I haven't seen a bigger blade so who knows. I can wait to see some more developments on that bad boy. I think it's the only LR model i don't have (the ares)

unforgivenangels said...

Can't wait to see that Ares finished. I have 2 terminus pattern land raiders I wanted to convert in to 2 LR Ares, as I agree with the use of them within a DA army!

Great looking stuff and plenty of goodies there mate

phantommaster said...

Just stick on some Hurricane bolters to whip up some infantry as well.


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