Thursday, 18 December 2008

Tale of Painters Deadline 2: Met

The army, it grows! 

Another quick painting update today, to let you know I managed to get my ToP entry in to Librarium Online on time (just). 

For this months 200pts I painted up the Landspeeder that I've shown off before and some new Deathwing

Although I was keen to get them finished (and thus rushed through them a little) I'm pleased with a number of things with these termis. I used similar blending from my Power Sword tutorial to good effect on the lightning claws, and I'm pleased with how my first attempt at feathers turned out. I also think the guy wielding the cyclone missile launcher and the thunderhammer just looks cool! 

I've still not started to highlight the bone armour, so they aren't 100% done yet. I'm waiting till I have all the Deathwing done and them I'm going to go back and highlight the lot. If I want to keep up with ToP (which I'm finding amazing motivation to paint) then I've not got the time to highlight them right now. Still, they are tabletop worthy.

I leave you with two visions of the immediate future. One is a picture of the Rhino I've started working on. I'm really pleased with how its shaping up. Secondly is a promise that there will be a few battle reports (featuring the DA) on The Astronomican before this year is out, so look out for that soon.

As usual I would love to receive and comments or crit. Thanks for reading! 


Matt said...

nothing says cool like a missile launcher and a giant hammer. Those guys look great. The rhino is sweet can't wait to see the finished shots. Keep it up.

Gamers World said...

Love the work, the terms may not be finnished but they look like the Emperors elitest of da elitest.

Siph_Horridus said...

Cool crisp and neat paint work. Love them. And I agree, Thunder Hammer and Cyclone look uber cool - shame its not in the Codex now.

bullymike said...

these look awesome. very clean. keep it up

sovietspace said...

Thanks for all you comments guys, forms a great motivation! Look out for more soon...

Spih - It may not be in your horrible brand spanking new codex, but it's perfectly legal with the good old DA :P

Thats actually a bonus I'd not considered before, but its doesn't quite make up for not having your Storm Shields!


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