Wednesday, 25 March 2009

And now, time for a short commercial break...

Today I'm breaking with my normal service of Dark Angels flavoured goodness to bring you something completely different. After much lurking around, my crazy Dutch friend CJ has finally entered the wonderful world of 40k blogging. Knowing how difficult it can be to find readers in the early days I'm doing my best to get him some coverage! 

CJ is doing some awesome work with the familiar old Saim-Hann theme. Taking the tactics of Fritz he's added his own completely unique modeling ideas. Make sure you go and check out the Dragon Riders. It's early days yet, but its promising stuff! 

++++ ++++

Okay, I couldn't quite resist talking about Dark Angels, but it is my blog after all! Anyway, here's a quick snap shot of my painting table. The last ToP entry is coming along nicely, and quickly! This is great, because I'm only able to catch about an hour of painting every other day at the moment. At this rate, I'll coast through the final deadline! 

Thanks for reading!


CJ said...

Nice work Soviet! those last marines are looking ace already you should be done in now time with time to spare!

thank you very much for promoting my Little Blog I hope You and everyone else will enjoy my little modelling escapades. Thank you very much for the kind words regarding the work that all ready one there.

Cheers CJ

73rd said...

The way you highlight is so cool mate. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but that's how power armour should look; Edged with power! It's definately the smooth highlights that finish off the look of your models - great stuff as usual!

The 25mm Warrior said...

I just saw those! Their friggin awesome! Nice that your gunning for your buddy :)

-come over to and vote for what you want me to do next!-


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