Sunday, 22 March 2009

Of Termis and Tournis

First off, the Deathwing are highlighted! 

Those of you who have been following The Astronomican for a while will know its taken me months to get around to doing this. I really wish I'd done it earlier now...

Anyway, here are some photos of the vastly improved models.

Termi Squad 1

Termi Squad 2

(Bigger photos available here)

What this means is that the 1500pts army list is so very nearly done! All I have left to do is print off a transfer for the Deathwing Banner. I'll have to wait a couple of weeks until I can get my hands on a high quailty printer but, the moment it's all sorted, there will be army photos a plenty! 

In the mean time its on to struggling to find time to paint my final Tale of Painters entry. I am determined not fail at the last round, university be dammed! 

Now, on to Tournis. I've finally found some time to go on my first ever tournament. Me and my Dark Angels will be whizzing our way up to Liverpool for the WPS Club Challenge on the 16/17th of May this year. I'll be heading up with my local club, the Bristol Vanguard and hopefully I wont let them down too much!  

Anyway the point of telling you all this (bar sharing my geeky excitement with people who will understand) is twofold:

1st - What advice you would give someone preparing for their first tournament. What should I bring? Should I get anything especially? What sort of things would a 'casual gamer' like me overlook? 

2nd - Are any of my UK readers out there going to the WPS?? Would be great to put a face to some of the usernames out there (in a totally non-stalkerish way you understand). And, again to the UK readership, what other tournaments are you guys planning to attend this summer? I'm looking at doing one more, and I would love some recommendations! 

Right then, lets see if anyone can help me. Thanks for reading! 


eriochrome said...

I am surprised to see the Apothecary in a close combat squad since his ability does not work when he is locked in close combat. I guess it helps you get to close combat though.

sovietspace said...

Its a toss up really mate.

You can't have the Standard and Apothecary in separate squads (I know, it surprised me too), and that +1 attack for the Banner is just too good to waste on a shooty squad...

Matt said...

Hmmm what can I tell you, I run Belial with the apoth and standard and my int. chaplain then 2 L/C terms and a sgt with power weapon. the banner lets you shoot and sztill confer attacks in c/c.
My chap rerolls, the l/c's reroll. Save the Apoth for that one horrid ap1 shot and say "WIPE". Be prepared to watch Belial get smoked. However he is usually martyred giving your other terms a chance to do some dmg.
I'd throw some pointers but i dunno what your taking. Friendly DW or 6 term squad with 2 LRC's DW.
Throw me an email or post back or hit my page nad we can discuss some tourny stuff i learned and some what to expects runnin the wing.

73rd said...

The highlights look amazing mate, really clean and smooth. Glad they are all finished up!

Dictator said...

Great looking deathwing. The red and the bone are really smooth!

oni said...

Superb work. Please post a tutorial on your banner. I'd love to see how it's done.

CJ said...

Awesome Job mate I love how they came out when highlighted. I'm very jealous on your first tournament. I was planning on going to a doubles tournament on the same day as you have your tournament but it got switched to a Singles tournament so I can't attend it (no way I'll have a army big enough by then)

So all I can say is Have fun at the tournament be sure to know your rules! bring your codex, BrB and latest FaQ's. And even though sportmanship is important don't let other people take advantage of your maiden voyage. I guess it all comes down to be prepaired gameplay wise on Hard games and Have a blast :)

OH and be sure to make battle reports or notes. It's always use full to review your games afterwards it will allow you to learn from your games.

Cheers CJ


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