Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Land Raider Crusader Completed

I'm not dead! Honest! 

As I feared, the last few months of university are proving a nightmare and I'm not being able to blog or paint nearly as much as I would like. However, its not all doom and gloom as I have finished my first Land Raider, and I think she's a beauty


Left Side


Right Side


(Bigger pics can be found here)

Sorry for the plethora of pictures, I just couldn't decide which ones to cut out. Plus I hope that somebody might use them for reference when painting their own models. I know I used pictures off forums when doing this!

This took me about 2 and half weeks to complete, mainly because the doing a dissertation means my painting time has been much reduced! I wasn't planning on using this for
ToP, but if I cant get some Ravenwing done before the 19th, I may have too. With work as it is, that looks likely!

Thanks for looking guys!


scdarkangel said...

Looks great, I like the Bleached Bone panels and even though I don't paint my Marine bolters red, I think it carries over well on the mounted weapons.

Santa Cruz Warhammer

73rd said...

Awesome model mate, really great use of the DA icons, and an amazing paint job!

Hope the uni work eases up on you! Good luck with it all though

jabberjabber said...

Brilliant work mate. The highlighting around the edges and the chipped paint on the assault ramp are great.

Anonymous said...

Great work!

Mark said...

Very nice work! Looks like someone took a brand-new LR on a spin through the outback (or the Ash Wastes).

The Chapter Master is not going to be happy...

eriochrome said...

Looks nice. A land raider is something I really need to get for my marines. Almost 8K of marines and not a single land raider. The shame.

oni said...

Extremely nice. The highlighting is superb.

Simon said...

Great work, and now Belial has a sweet ride!

RonSaikowski said...

Line highlighting on a LRC... I feel your pain.

Nice work, very nice.

Paul Chana said...

Great work, really good looking tank!

Andy said...

That's a really sweet LRC, all that hard work has really paid off. Nicely done.

Master Darksol said...

Nice line-work. It looks very clean, like your servitors wax and wash it daily! ;)

Admiral Drax said...

She IS a beauty!

Great work, mate - hope all the work turns out well for you.

- Drax.

sovietspace said...

Wow, a response like that just makes me feel humbled! It makes me feel guilty that I don't post on all your great blogs often enough. Anyway, enough gushy stuff.

Some of you noticed the fact that the LRC looks very clean, bar the extreme mud at the bottom. This contrast is deliberate - I want it to look like my DA are just arriving on the scene. So Mark is right, they have just taken her out for her first spin, in what seems to be some pretty extreme terrain!

@ eriochrome: I don't know how you cant have a Land Raider! I plan on having three, and I only want 3000pts of marines!

Cheers for all your comments.

~Warmonger~ said...

Hey amazing job painting! Your blog has really given me some great tips on increasing my painting skills. Question.. What would you say is the best method for keeping brushes in tip top shape?

sovietspace said...

@ Warmonger

Cheers for the comments mate. The idea that my stuff inspires other people has really made my day!

As for brushes, I don't think I do much out of the ordinary. Make sure you thoroughly wash all the paint off after use, store them upright in a cup or pot or something and, if your using GW ones, keep the little plastic covers and use them. All pretty common sense stuff :)

The amount I paint I do tend to go through brushes quite quickly. If you are doing a lot I think you just have to accept you'll need new brushes from time to time!

~Warmonger~ said...

Awsome thanks for the tips!

Farske said...

That is a lovely LRC!
The detail gave me a hard on!

Congrats on that, I'm dead jealous!
Love the DA Icongraphy to :)


King's Standard Bearer said...

you've done a really good job on this stuff. your painting skills are top knotch; especially highlighting, the lines are smooth crisp and even and consistent! brilliant work, just a shame its space marines n not imperial guard!
Craig @ cadian8th.blogspot.com


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