Friday, 21 August 2009

Dark Angels Updates: Objectives

More new photos for you all, this time of the objective markers that you first saw here. Mostly straightforward work on these, although greenstuffing the tread for the marine took a little effort, especially as I'm not a fan of green stuffing. I keep on meaning to work up the courage to try and freehand a chaos star on the black helmet, but so far I haven't managed it. Soon though...

I've got to say that making objective markers is not something I originally planned on doing but, now that I have, it is certainly something I'll be doing again! It adds another level of story to all the games you play, as well as looking very cool. I even find myself hoping we will roll up objective games, even though my DA are far better at kill points!

Comments welcome guys :)


Shelexie said...

Really nice looking stuff! Good work!

Paul Wu said...

Very evocative markers! The one with the injured Marine - is that a conversion or a pre-sculpted marker?


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