Tuesday, 20 April 2010

14,000pt Apocalypse Game

Hey guys and girls. Last week 5 mates and I spent a day playing a rather large apocalypse game. Although I tried to keep a track on what was going on, the pressing need to focus on what 28,000pts of models were up too kept me occupied! So below you can see some snaps from the event along with a few recollections of what might have been going on at the time. Enjoy!

Terrain set up - I find that 12'x4' can accommodate this size game quite well. Just be sure to 'clump' terrain and leave open areas

My contribution to the good side - 7000pts, exactly half the combined army.

The forces played out as follows:

Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Inq, Dark Angels
Black Templars

Chaos (including Iron Warriors, Tratior Guard, a Warhound and two Superheavies)

Inital deployment saw the Chaos bidding low and deploying in force and the Imperials grouping into what cover they could find.

Chaos Warhound = Awesome

Turn 1 - The Choas forces pull out a careful planning asset and swarm the field with their forces, vastly outnumbering the Imperials.

Iron Warriors defend the Slaaneshi doomsday device, otherwise known as the 'Doom Nipple'

Chaos Turn 2 - The remainder of the Heretical forces (along with Eldar allies) arrive, continuing the punish the Imperial forces mercilessly. The good side hadn't even received any reserves at this point!

A Warp Rift spews forth Daemon Filth - much to the delight of the Daemonhost hiding to the right of the picture (it managed to make itself T9 and S8. Yes please!)

Imperial Reinforcements arrive to redress the balance. They have an uphill struggle.

The might of the Imperial Navy makes itself felt - killing 45 Khorne Berserkers with its bombs alone.

Templar bikers launch a suicidal charge into traitor Terminators holding an objective - straight into the face of the Chaos guns...

A quiet corner of the field is set upon by a Dark Angel Redemption force hunting one of the Fallen

Turn 3 - Imperial Guardsmen arrive to bolster the rapid moving Astartes, their guns thinning down a Berserker charge led by no less than Abaddon and Khan.

Its raining men around the Doom Nipple (or, Black Templars assault the Doomsday device)

Sly Marbo makes himself known, hurling explosives into the now stalled Berserker charge
(Pictures of my painted Marbo soon!)

The end of turn 4 and, despite a early hammering, the fast moving Imperial forces have managed to secure 4 objectives to the 1 held by the Traitors. A glorious victory for the Emperor!

The charge that never was. Khan, so close to the softy chewy centre of the Imperial Army is forced to turn back. How odd that Khan suffered a similar fate at the end of a previous Apocalypse game!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Chris said...

Great pictures! The Doom Nipple made me laugh :)

Darkwing said...

Looks like a fun battle. So I take it the Chaos side never had a chance to detonate the Doom Nipple?

sovietspace said...

No, the accursed thing never went off, much to our relief. Still, the Chaos player got man points for bringing a nipple to a warzone.

Sigmar said...

I love the stained glass window on that ruined cathedral. Do you know where is came from or if it was custom built ?

Thanks for sharing and keep up the excellent blogging,

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