Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tale of Painters Entry 8

Only time for a quick post today as I update what I have completed for ToP this month.

Epic IG

Superheavy Tank Platoon - 200pts

So not much of an entry, and I'm still miles behind with the army, but next month shall be epic month! I have no 40k to do so next up is titans, valks and tanks tank tanks!

Army to date:


40 IG

Busy month with the IG, I tried to get them done for a tournament. I just fell short and had to use an old Chimera, but it did mean that I got these two bad boys done:

Leman Russ & Medusa - 300pts

Army to date:


So thats another month, another entry. I do love ToP, its such a good motivator, if a bit stressful at times. Look forward to all the epic stuff coming your way!

1 comment:

Col. Thorne said...

Wow! A lot of progress has been made on the Praetorian 5th! The army is looking very nice indeed. Love the tanks and the Inf movement bases! Keep up the awesome work!


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