Sunday, 9 August 2009

Bristol Vanguard Spoils of War Part 2

Hello again people! Two posts in two days, what a pace! Either way, I hope it is a sign of more regular content in the future.

My second day at the Vanguard Spoils of War was less than successful in game terms, with my Dark Angels suffering two losses. However, in a sign of how well run the weekend was run, both games were very enjoyable; with the second game against a Thousands Suns force being particularly cinematic.

Spoils was a very interesting tournament, in that it was explicitly a 'campaign weekend' as opposed to a competitive event. Special rules were devised for the various tables, for example having ALL the terrain on a board rotate 90 degrees every turn on a roll of 3+. On the final game all tables were positioned around a central table, on which a warp rift had occurred. At the beginning of each game turn each player rolled a dice for their army. Each unit in the army was then moved that amount towards the rift, being destroyed if it hit it. Most interestingly, this rule applied to ALL the other boards, with units being dragged towards the central board, and being destroyed if they reached a table edge. This led to some very amusing situations, and is the sort of wacky stuff you just couldn't do in a competitive tournament. I can say how much fun these sort of events are, and I would strongly recommend that anybody to give anything like it a good go!

Anyway, I didn't have time to collate any in-depth battle reports, but here are a few more pictures of the event for you all to look over!

The Warp Rift in progress

A particularly good looking game of Orks vs. the Praetorian Guard. 2000pts and models galore!

Below are some pics of my last game against the Sons. A very visually striking game on a great board and, most importantly, a wonderful opponent to play against.

And finally, some pictures of some of best painted armies on display...


An awesome Chaos army, including a truly fearsome Daemon Prince...

A lovely Blood Raven force

Elements of the Chaos Daemon army that won best painted

Some pictures of the Imperial Fists army that was my favourite army. It contained a stunning amount of individual conversions, as well as some excellent paint jobs and three of the funniest Vindicators I have ever seen. And lets be honest, Vindicators are rarely called funny...

So there you have it, my brief and picture-filled report from Spoils. I'll leave you with a photo of all the Dark Angels I have painted to date, totalling 2000 blood soaked points.

For the Lion!


Simon said...

It's good to see you back updating. I hadn't realized how much you had painted - it all looks great.


Tristan said...

Looks like a great time. Thanks for the pics, loved seeing the different armies.

73rd said...

Those vindicators are quality. Rarely able to laugh at the griity 40k Universe but they had me giggling. Great report thanks for sharing

oni said...

Very nice. I wish there was a club like Vanguard in my area. I'm totally jealous.

John Lambshead said...

What fun scenario ideas!
I am not a competition player and I like some originality in my games.


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