Monday, 17 August 2009

TOEMP Deadline 1: Met... Oh, and SPACE HULK!!!

So, let the challenges roll in! Despite it being set at crazily short notice (your insane 73rd!), I was able to meet first The Tale of Even More Painters deadline. 73rd tasked the group to paint 75pts of models, to bed us in for the start of the challenge.

Given that I am painting my brand new Epic Imperial Guard force for the challenge, I have decided I will double all the targets set for those painting the larger scale models, simply to make it fairer for the rest of the bloggers in the contest. This means that my target was to paint 150pts of epic which, using some dodgy maths, equates to roughly 3 quarters of an infantry company, which you can see below:

As you can see, I've chosen a fairly simple paint scheme for the infantry. I had originally intended to paint them up in Praetorian colours, but I decided that it would not fit with the greatcoat'ed models. I went for a grubbier and WWI style drab uniform, which I think befits the larger scale of epic.

It has been an interesting and very welcome change painting epic scale models. It is certainly an easier process than painting Deathwing! I'm cracking on with more of the infantry stands, as I'm committed to paint the rest of the Infantry company (13 stands in total) and a Leman Russ squadron for the LO Tale of Painters. Oh, and then to the 40k scale Praetorians. I'm going to be busy!

Below you can see my Epic collection to date. This is why I love the game - there is something brilliant about seeing tank companies arrayed along with massed infantry. Maybe I just like parades...

As well as the visual scope, I have also found the game rules really fun and very challenging. The step from using tactics to taking on a more strategic overview is a big leap, but an enjoyable one. I hope to be able to set up some battle reports soon, so look out for that!

And finally...

I've you've missed the hubbub around the pre-release of Space Hulk, then you are probably living under a rock. Or dead. Or both.

Either way, I've seen the released pictures of the boxed game, and I was impressed enough to pre-order it on the spot! My only complaint is that I've going to have to heavily convert the Blood Angels terminators to make them Deathwing ready, but I'm absolutely sure it will be worth it! Look forward to a review of the game, short after it arrives at the beginning of September.

Ooooh dear god I'm excited!!

I would have love to have written more for this post, but alas I'm in a rush. But please do let me know what you think of my epic efforts. Do you get it...epic efforts.

I'll get my coat.


closet gamer said...

Surely the Blood Angels in Space Hulk are an excuse to start a new army.
Also, the epic Imperial Guard look great - what other tanks are you going to include? And titans?

evanfardreamer said...

Looks interesting, and I'm always on the lookout for cheap Terminator models. Thanks for the heads up about it!

Admiral Drax said...

Well done you. And that was just for the pun.

The painting's pretty good too.

CJ said...

Nice work sovietspace all though I have to ask something. in regard to your name why didn't you paint them in the old russian scheme. That combined with snowy bases would also ahve looked cool. I know it's to late now and the work you have done is allready looking very good but I just hat to vent that idea ;) Hope you can forgive my brain fart.

So for your Epic Eforts I grant you the title Epic Commander Epica!

Cheers CJ

Elazar The Glorified said...

The epic Guard look great. I've always been tempted by epic since I first got started in the hobby, the vast scale battles appeal to me but I love my standard GW scale minis too much to ever find time for Epic or Warmaster!
Well done for meeting the target! I'm waiting on the judgement of 73rd whether I can get away with just my Hellcannon (didn't get the crew anywhere near finished!) lol.
P.S. Good decision on Space Hulk, I've ordered a copy myself. Couldn't let that pass by and I'm sure with some work you could make some awesome looking Deathwing Termies from the Hulk ones.

Grégory Privat said...

What I like the most : the color sheme. Simple and visible : I found out what they were without the zoom.

What I like the less : the bases : the sand looks very big. this being said, I imaine that s hard to base at this scale.

73rd said...

Woohoo Guard! I won't lie, thanks to Drax I have come to appreciate them. And on this scale they are even easier to flick away! Great work on meeting the deadline!

sovietspace said...

Thanks for all the comments guys, they are very much appreciated!

@ Closetgamer - Please don't tempt me to start a new army, I have enough to finish as it is! As for my plans for the epic IG, i'll post up my full 4000pts army list on the Astronomican Army Lists, shortly. Check out the link on the right :)

@CJ - I've got to say thats one of the best brain farts I've heard in a while, and actually one I considered doing. In the end I decided I did still want to maintain some links to the upcoming praetorian models, which meant basing them the same, and going for that WWI colour scheme. I must admit your idea sounds awesome though... Oh the road not taken!

@Elazar - With enough gentle bullying I'm sure 73rd will let you through, it is an awesome looking hell cannon after all :P

@Grégory Privat - Thank you for your comments mate, I really value someone who will throw out some constructive criticism! I'll be honest with you, for the bases I simply used the sand I had available, which is a little of the big side. For the next infantry company I might look to get some finer stuff. I am really glad you liked the scheme though :)

CJ said...

hahaha I have to say that does not surprise me :). I have to say it would be very easy to change them. paint the schoulder pad red and make the Helmets darker. then ad snow and presto Done ;) but I can see why you would not want to go back.

anyways best of luck :)

Cheers CJ


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