Saturday, 8 August 2009

Bristol Vanguard Spoils of War & Tale of Painters Reborn...

Well, its been quite an absence hasn't it! As I mentioned in my last post (over a month ago!) the amount I am able to blog right now is pretty limited, but I do hope I haven't been forgotten.

I'm hoping that I should have some more to show you soon, including some newly painted Dark Angels units, as well as the start of both Epic and 40k Imperial Guard armies. I will be building the new armies in conjunction with both 73rd's Tale of More Painters (on his excellent blog The Unforgiven Angels), and Librarium Online's newest Tale of Painters group. More details on those soon...

Turning back to more current events, I have just got back from the first day of the Bristol Vanguard Spoils of War tournament, a friendly event with battles ranging from 750pts to 2000pts. As expected the Vanguard has turned out another expectionally good tournament, with superb terrain, missions and home made brownies to boot. With around 30 players in attendance its been great fun so far, and I can't wait to get back to the coal-face tomorrow.

Below are a few pictures of the first games from my camera phone. So far I have tallied up a loss, a draw and win; a distinctly average day!

I hope that has wetted your appetite, look forward to more from the Astronomcian soon!


Admiral Drax said...

Here's to challenges, eh?

CJ said...

Looking good so far mate loking forward to some battle reports how long or short you might seem fit to make them. It's always nice to see how people are doing :)

Good Luck on ToP I know I'm going to need it. You have all ready completed one and I can't say how much i look up to you at the eve of my own ToP challenge.

best of luck

Cheer CJ

evanfardreamer said...

I'd like to see some Epic models- all I've seen of it so far is one poster at the game store.

All the best!


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