Saturday, 2 January 2010

13,000 points of Apocalypse...

So lets start the new year with a little bit of excitement eh?

Months ago, the day before heading off to Games Day, myself and four friends played a 13,000 Apocalypse at my house. Kicking off at 10am and finishing sometime around 8pm, we managed to play a full 6 turns and rack up some considerable carnage!

What follows are some photos from the battle, including a video of the point where nearly all of the 26,000 points of models were on the table. I intend to let the photos mainly speak for themselves, as I've rather forgotten the flow of the battle! In addition to that I call on all of you to head over to forgotmytea. As a player on the opposition side, Ben has some much better photos of the battle (damn him and his good camaera), as well as a narative descripition of the role his Eldar played in the battle.


The Board

In order to give the game a little bit of extra space, I used the Space Hulk board sections to create an underground tunnel system, with some extra rules and features. Although, in the event, these tunnels didn't really feature in the fighting, its an idea I would use again!


Both armies bid highly with their deployment times, with the Evil armies going first. After labouring to place out nearly all their models, we rewarded the heretics hard work by declaring we would deploy nothing. A cunning plan was afoot.

Turn 1

Turn one came and went, as again the good forces committed no forces to the fight.

Turn 2

Turn 2, well, erm, still no actual fighting.

Turn 3

Turn 3. This was more like it. The Imperials had waited to commit all their forces in one go, the boards literally breaking under the weight of all the assembled models.

Turn 4

65 Terminators from various chapters deep struck into the enemies rear, following two orbital bombardments.

Rhinos form a screen around the entrance to the tunnel system, whilst Tactical Marines descend to clear out the aliens and heretics within.

Turn 5

Terminators charge the mass ranks of Necrons. Despite their unchallenged destructive power, the presence of 5 Resurrection Orbs meant they simply couldn't kill the machines fast enough.

Carnage across the table!

And combat in the tunnels...

Turn 6

The Terminators, now severely depleted, still try to deal with the un-dying masses of Necrons.

The damned indestructible monoliths, sitting atop an objective each.

By the end of a hard days fighting, victory narrowly law with the forces of evil, by one objective. This was in no small part due to the fact we simply couldn't kill off 120+ Necron warriors, and the Monoliths squatting over vital objectives. Still, an exceptionally fun day, I hope you all enjoyed the photos!


Warhammer 39,999 said...

An Apocalypse battle report is a massive undertaking, and though I would've liked to have seen more of a write-up, I can only imagine how much work that would take...

I'm really digging the underground tunnel/space hulk methodology of the board. Do you mind if I borrow that for future Apoc games?

sovietspace said...

Yeah it shame I didn't take more notes, but I decided to just focus on enjoying the game this time! I have a Apoc Bat Rep on here from last year that is far more detailed, check it out mate :)

As for the tunnels, go for it! I made up some cool rules for using overwatch, basically sacrificing movement and allowing you to shoot in the opponents movement phase. This only applied to the tunnels and made it a very tricky fighting environment!


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