Saturday, 23 January 2010

Kentack VII Campaign - 1. First Moves ' The Land Grab'

Hello all, just a quick post today. Following on from my description of the Kentack Campaign and its background, I thought I'd let you know what our first month had produced.

Launching off from their various starting points, each faction attempted to gain as much as the planets landmass as they could. Early manoeuvres saw the Black Templars thwarting the efforts of the Praetorian Guard to claim Hive Primus by moving into the southern habs. Combat was finally joined when the Guard sent in shock troops to dislodge the Astartes. The ensuing cityfight was a slaughter, and confirmed why Terminators in enclosed spaces should be so feared. The Templars emerged triumphant.

In an attempt to regain the momentum after this disaster, the Guard commanders sanctioned an assault on the Eldar xenos forces at St. Veyda's Dock. This too turned out to be a travesty, with the Guardsmen being destroyed upon planetfall by a highly mobile Eldar force.

However, it was not all plain sailing for the Eldar forces either. Attempting to dislodge the Astartes who had taken up residence at Mining Post Xc-03 the Eldar of Cairas Mythar bit their best to capture its vital structures, but were thwarted. Returning to their sleek grav graft, the Farseers promised revenge.

The final move of the first month of conflict saw the Templars and Guard clashing in an epic scale battle in the plains north of Hive Secondus. Attempting to drive towards the Ecclesiarchical Palace the Templars were ambushed by a force including Superheavy Tanks and scout Titans. Though they fought bravely and tenaciously, the Marines were eventually overwhelmed and forced to withdraw, leaving the Praetorians to celebrate their first victory of the campaign.

As the war dragged into its second month, it was clear that battle had truly been joined, and that it was far from over yet.

Current Campaign Points:
Black Templars (Black): 14pts
Eldar (Blue): 12pts
Imperial Guard (Red): 10pts


Col. Corbane said...

Yeah, go Guard! oh, we're losing.

Keep 'em coming mate.

sovietspace said...

Yeah, I'm not a great fan of my performance so far! Still, there is time to redeem myself before the Commissar does his rounds.

Btw, I was wondering, is there a sidebar sized logo for the Going on Campaign group? I love to add a link to it under the FTW one on the left. Let me know!


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