Thursday, 7 January 2010

Moving at a Dwarf's pace...

So, the building begins and my room is a mountain of sprues!

So far its taken me a few days of sporadic work to build up the three regiments you see below, and I have two left to work through. Once I have these done I'll look to buying some more fun stuff, with Thanes, Hammerers, Ironbreakers and Slayers definitely on the agenda.

Not much to really add at this point. Its going to a really slow burning project, what with both the 40k and Epic Guard on the go as well. But, hopefully as I get re-acquainted with the fantasy rules I can bring you such delights as Battle Reports and Army Lists.

I will say that if you can find any of the old Army sets, buy them, they are great value and a really good way to start up an army, especially in fantasy where you need a load of models.

I'm also wondering if anybody else is finding the Dwarf models a pain to assemble? It seems to me that the torso joint is difficult to get right, and the mould lines are numerous and are in particularly annoying places. That said, the moults/sculpts are great, with some really characterful pieces. Finally, I'm beginning to realise that I'm going to be drowning in spare bits. If anybody needs an axe for a model, I'm your man...


Forgotmytea said...

Looking good =) I've (finally) worked out what combo of paints 'Eavy Metal used for that colour scheme, so while I'm way behind you on the modelling front, at least I know what I'm painting now! ;)

Ben said...

Mass assembly is the way to go, even if it can get tedious. What colors are you going with?


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