Sunday, 17 January 2010

Any help for a wee Beardling?

Hello any Longbeards out there. Below I present my first Fantasy list since 2001, so I would love it if people could point out any obvious mistakes, or stupid ideas. This is not supposed to be a competitive list (which will be evident), but I would like it to hold its own. I've tried to get away from any form of gun-line, and I've taken some basic ideas from Podhammer (who's back catalogue I am quickly listening through!), but I have a feeling most people are going to tell me this list is a no-hoper. Still, you've got start somewhere!

So, here it is:


Dwarf Lord - 284pts
Shield & Great Weapon
Shield Bearers
MR of Kragg the Grimm, Ro Fury, Ro Striking, Ro Stone, MR of Spite

Runesmith - 149pts
Great Weapon
MR of Balance, Ro Spellbreaking

Thane - 101pts
Great Weapon, Shield
MR of Challenge, Ro Stone


20 Longbeards - 265pts
Full Command

15 Thunderers - 225pts
Standard & Musician

15 Rangers - 175pts
Full Command


20 Hammerers - 305pts
Full Command
Ro Sanctuary

12 Ironbreakers - 211pts
Full Command
Ro Stoicism

Bolt Thrower - 75pts
MR of Immolation

Bolt Thrower - 70pts
MR Penetrating


Gyrocopter - 140pts

Total - 2000pts

So there it is. The Lord goes with the Hammerers, and the Thane goes with the Ironbreakers, hopefully tying up fast cav and the like with his challenges. Im not sure where I'd put the Runesmith yet, probably with one of the Warrior units. I considered putting him with the Bolt Thrower with MR of Penetrating, to make it less obvious to attack that one first (over the other one that blows up in your face), but I can see that equalling a dead Runesmith.

I would have loved to have fitted Strollaz's banner in there somewhere, but I couldnt find the points. I was amazed how expensive Dwarfs can be! Anyway, please let me know when you all think.

Many thanks!


Rogue Pom said...

Hey, You might want to run this passed Kuffeh over at the Grumpy Stumpy - - he is a long time Dwarf Lord and also moderates the Warhammer blog sight (aka Fantasy FTW) over at the Trading Post -

sovietspace said...

Thanks for the heads up, I'll get onto that soon!


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