Friday, 15 January 2010

Tale of Painters Entry 5

Here we are again guys!

This month I epically failed to get enough 40K IG painted, so I've had to play my first joker for the Praetorians, which is not good as I'm already behind with them. I'm hoping to get two tanks and a squad done next month to compensate for this. What I can share with you though is my latest addition to the epic force, a Superheavy Tank Company:

This 600pt addition brings the whole army up to 1850pts, leaving them still 150pts behind target. Jeez, its hard work this painting schedule stuff!

For next months epic entry I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of some Epic Valkyries, so I can start creating my rapid response Stormtrooper platoon. Now I've just got to think up a suitable colour scheme to paint them...

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